Thinner Wisdom Nutrition Counseling

Approaches for the "New Year's Resolution Kit"

  1. "Awareness" - This is the beginning point. We develop the openness and skills to listen to our "interior voice" which becomes a source of wisdom, truth, and encouragement. As we look toward making lifestyle changes, our best companion is awareness, partnered with self acceptance and self compassion. Silence any negative thoughts of self-criticism, and focus on the good within yourself.

  2. "Knowledge" - Consult helping sources for building skills based on reliable science. These may include sites with information on healthy, balanced eating; nutrition for prevention; and increasing physical activity and exercise for wellness. (See

  3. "Action" - Remember the ancient proverb, "The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." We can participate in new activities to increase both physical and emotional well-being. Trying something new improves our self-confidence levels.

  4. "Resolve" - Stay with it! A "resolution" involves a decision which we may need to make over and over again. This often means collecting and bringing our resolve to our thoughts, actions, and behaviors on a moment by moment basis.

  5. "Patience" - Behavior change takes time. Experts tell us that a significant indicator in the change process is "self-efficacy," or one's confidence in the ability to successfully perform an action over time. Be as patient with yourself as you would be with your best friend.

  6. "Balance" - A wonderful, one-word mantra for a healthy lifestyle! This integrates a respect for taking the steps to make positive changes, while being patient with the process.

  7. HAVE FUN WITH IT! - Remember the Scrabble® game board pieces? The more fun we incorporate into our lifestyle changes, the more likely we will be to stay with our healthy New Year's Resolutions.