Thinner Wisdom Nutrition Counseling

Approaches for the "New Year's Resolution Kit"

  1. "Awareness" - This is the beginning point. We develop the openness and skills to listen to our "interior voice" which becomes a source of wisdom, truth, and encouragement. As we look toward making lifestyle changes, our best companion is awareness, partnered with self-acceptance. Silence any negative thoughts of self-criticism, and focus on the good within yourself.

  2. "Knowledge" - Consult helping sources for building skills based on reliable science. These may include sites with information on healthy, balanced eating; nutrition for prevention; and increasing physical activity and exercise for wellness. (See

  3. "Action" - Remember the ancient proverb, "The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." We can participate in new activities to increase both physical and emotional well-being. Trying something new improves our self-confidence levels.

  4. "Resolve" - Stay with it! A "resolution" involves a decision which we may need to make over and over again. This often means collecting and bringing our resolve to our thoughts, actions, and behaviors on a moment by moment basis.

  5. "Patience" - Behavior change takes time. Experts tell us that a significant indicator in the change process is "self-efficacy" or one's confidence in his or her ability to successfully perform an action over time. Be as patient with yourself as you would be with your best friend.

  6. "Balance" - A wonderful, one-word mantra for a healthy lifestyle! This integrates a respect for taking the steps to make positive changes, while being patient with the process.

  7. HAVE FUN WITH IT! - Remember the Scrabble® game board pieces? The more fun we incorporate into our lifestyle changes, the more likely we will be to stay with our healthy New Year's Resolutions.